Willmore spacelike submanifolds in a Lorentzian space form $N^{n+p}_p(c)$

Shichang Shu, Junfeng Chen


Let $N^{n+p}_p(c)$ be an $(n+p)$-dimensional connected Lorentzian space form of constant sectional curvature $c$ and $\varphi: M \rightarrow N^{n+p}_p(c)$ an $n$-dimensional spacelike submanifold in $N^{n+p}_p(c)$. The immersion $\varphi: M \rightarrow N^{n+p}_p(c)$ is called a Willmore spacelike submanifold in $N^{n+p}_p(c)$ if it is a critical submanifold to the Willmore functional
where $S$, $H$ and $\rho^2$ denote the norm square of the second fundamental form, the mean curvature and the non-negative function
$\rho^2=S-nH^2$ of $M$. In this article, by calculating the first variation of $W(\varphi)$, we obtain the Euler-Lagrange equation of $W(\varphi)$ and prove some rigidity theorems for $n$-dimensional Willmore spacelike submanifolds in $N^{n+p}_p(c)$.


Willmore spacelike submanifold, Lorentzian space form, Euler-Lagrange equation, totally umbilical

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ISSN: 1331-0623 (Print), 1848-8013 (Online)