Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics (Bachelor level)


Enrolment quota

The enrolment quota for the academic year 2017/2018:

Full-time students Foreign students
Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics (3 years)
59 1

Admission requirements

Registration for the state graduation exam and registration for the study programmes offered by the Department of Mathematics are done for all applicants through the National Information System of Applications for Higher Education Institutions (NISpVU), which can be accessed through the website

For admission to the Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics and the Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study programme in mathematics and computer science, applicants must have completed their four-year secondary school education and passed the state graduation exam in each of the following three subjects:

Applicants who participated in a national competition in mathematics or informatics during their high-school education are eligible for direct admission, i.e., they may obtain the maximum number of admission points (i.e., 100%).

Based on their high-school success, applicants can achieve a maximum of 30% admission points.

On the basis of exams passed within the framework of the state graduation procedure, scores are achieved based upon success applicants have achieved in:

while passing the informatics exam within the state graduation examination procedure is not a requirement for admission.

Applicants can achieve the remaining 10% of admission points by means of special achievements in the field of mathematics or informatics on the basis of the following activities:

Applicants who earn at least 100 points under these specific criteria are recognised all 10% of admission points. Applicants who score less than 100 specific points under these criteria are recognised a corresponding percentage of admission points.

Special achievements are scored by the Committee of the Department of Mathematics on the basis of applications submitted by applicants.

By 15 June 2014, applicants who want to score points based upon their special achievements must submit an application and appropriate documentation to the Department of Mathematics pursuant to which they request evaluation of their special achievements. Application form is available at the Student Administration Office of the Department of Mathematics and here.

Applicants who completed their four-year secondary school education before 2010 must pass the state graduation exam in mathematics and they will be included on the ranking list according to the aforementioned criteria.


Admission dates

Admission of eligible applicants takes place as follows:

The following supporting documents are required for admission:

  1. a birth certificate (a copy is also acceptable),

  2. a certificate of completion of four-year secondary school education (for inspection purposes only),

  3. three photographs (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm),

  4. a copy of the ID card,

  5. a proof stating that HRK 300 and HRK 150 have been paid for costs associated with admission and materials and for the student's record book (i.e., index), respectively, to the Department of Mathematics, IBAN HR3725000091402000049, model HR00, reference number of the recipient – student's personal identification number (OIB),

  6. a state graduation exam certificate and/or a certificate of having passed the state graduation exams (the original document or a certified copy may also be submitted subsequently, but no later than 30 September 2014).

Applicants who fail to exercise their right to enrol at the Department of Mathematics in the period in which they earned this right shall waive their right to enrolment.

Special achievement score

Special achievement score form can be downloaded here.

The results of the special achievement score for the current academic year can be seen here.