Fakultet primijenjene matematike i informatike

Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Graduate university study programme in mathematics (Master level)

The graduate study programme of Financial Mathematics and Statistics is intended for students who have completed an undergraduate programme in mathematics or other related field. The programme is carefully balanced between advanced mathematical theories and practical skills which makes it unique in Croatia.

Financial mathematics studies the problems of financial decision making by combining different techniques from theoretical and applied mathematics. Market and credit risk management, investment strategies, fund management and insurance risks management are impossible without mathematical models. Through this programme, students learn the techniques for modelling random phenomena in the field of finance that are also applicable in many other fields such as medicine, food technology, biology and epidemiology.

Through this programme, student also acquire an advanced knowledge of statistical methods with applications to practical problems. Students develop the ability to analyse and critically interpret data, develop statistical models in practical situations and use cutting-edge computer tools and software packages. Such knowledge and skills are applicable in all areas where there is data, and with increasing capabilities of collecting data, it is increasingly important to analyse and make quality decisions based on a large amount of data (so-called big data).

Graduates of this programme are regularly employed in challenging and well-paid jobs in banks, insurance companies, pension funds, financial institutions, audit firms and as data analysts. This study is ideal for anyone who has skills for analytical problem solving and is willing to make an effort to acquire new knowledge that will enable them a promising business career.

Do not worry too much about your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater. (Albert Einstein)

Enrolling in the study programme of Financial Mathematics and Statistics is an investment in a successful future - all the effort invested brings multiple benefits!

Name of the study programme: Graduate university study programme in mathematics (Master level), fields of specialisation:

  • Financial Mathematics and Statistics,
  • Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Issuing institution and education provider: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek/Department of Mathematics

Academic title acquired upon completion of study: Master of Mathematics (MMath)

Scheduled duration of study: Two years (four semesters). The student shall acquire a minimum of 120 ECTS credits.

Student status: full-time students (61 full-time students)

Admission requirements: Applicants who completed their undergraduate university study programme in mathematics or any other related undergraduate university study programme may enrol in the Graduate university study programme in mathematics.

End of study: Graduate university study programme in mathematics is completed by passing all the exams, writing the thesis, which includes the study of the existing literature on a given topic and a systematic presentation of the paper, and passing the graduation exam.