Odjel za matematiku

Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics (Bachelor level)

Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics offered by the Department of Mathematics, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, is based on modern study programmes of well-known Croatian and foreign universities. This study programme is substantially comparable with the following study programmes:

A high level of compliance of this study programme with study programmes considered above shall allow the flow of mathematics students between the University of Osijek and most European universities.

Issuing institution and education provider: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek/Department of Mathematics

Academic title acquired upon completion of study: Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath)

Scheduled duration of study: Three years (six semesters). The student shall acquire a minimum of 180 ECTS credits.

Student status: full-time students (55 full-time students + 1 foreign student)


Admission requirements: Applicants must have completed their four-year secondary school education and passed the state graduation exam in each of the following three subjects: A-level mathematics, A- or B-level Croatian and A- or B-level foreign language (All applicants are registered for the study programmes offered by the Department of Mathematics through the National Information System of Applications for Higher Education Institutions (NISpVU), which can be accessed through the website www.postani-student.hr.)

Competencies students achieve upon completion of the study programme: Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics is the first stage in the system of university education of mathematicians. After completing this study programme, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) degree, they have open access to the labour market, and they are also capable of enrolling in graduate study programmes in mathematics and its various specific fields as well as graduate study programmes in other fields that require good foundations of mathematics and computer science knowledge. By its syllabus, as well as the forms and methods of teaching, the study programme enables adoption and understanding of:

  • the basic knowledge of major areas of mathematics, and
  • the basic knowledge of computer science.

During their study, BMath degree holders also develop the following competencies:

  • practical application of acquired knowledge in mathematics and computer science, and
  • solving problems in other (not necessarily mathematical) areas by applying mathematical models and computers.

Forms and methods of teaching contribute to the development of:

  • the learning ability and inclination to scientific research,
  • communication and presentation skills.

Students are also encouraged to learn and speak at least one foreign language.

A BMath degree holder is qualified to work in industry, government and the public sector that require basic knowledge of mathematics and computer science, and the ability of mathematical modelling and solving different (not necessarily mathematical) problems by using computers. (S)He is also qualified to perform tasks that require analytical thinking, the organisational ability as well as analysis and presentation of data.

End of study: Undergraduate university study programme in mathematics is completed by passing all the exams and writing the final paper, which includes studying the existing literature on a given topic and a systematic presentation of the paper.