Fakultet primijenjene matematike i informatike

Igor Baković


Department of Mathematics
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Trg Ljudevita Gaja 6
Osijek, HR-31000, Croatia¸
phone: +385-31-224-843
fax: +385-31-224-801
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office: 19 (ground floor)


Research Interests

(Higher) category theory
(Homotopy) type theory
Theoretical computer science


PhD in theoretical mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, 2008.
BSc in theoretical mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb , 1999.




Journal Publications
  • P. Aschieri, I. Baković, B. Jurčo, P. Schupp, Noncommutative gerbes and deformation quantization,
    Journal of Geometry and Physics 60 (11), 2010.



    We define noncommutative gerbes using the language of star products. Quantized twisted Poisson structures are discussed as an explicit realization in the sense of deformation quantization. Our motivation is the noncommutative description of D-branes in the presence of topologically non-trivial background fields.


  • I. Baković, B. Jurčo, The classifying topos of a topological bicategory, Homology, Homotopy and Applications 12(1), 2010.


    For any topological bicategory B, the Duskin nerve NB of B is a simplicial space. We introduce the classifying topos BB of B as the Deligne topos of sheaves Sh(NB) on the simplicial space NB. It is shown that the category of geometric morphisms Hom(Sh(X), BB) from the topos of sheaves Sh(X) on a topological space X to the Deligne classifying topos is naturally equivalent to the category of principal B-bundles. As a simple consequence, the geometric realization |NB| of the nerve NB of a locally contractible topological bicategory B is the classifying space of principal B-bundles, giving a variant of the result of Baas, B¨okstedt and Kro derived in the context of bicategorical K-theory. We also define classifying topoi of a topological bicat-egory B using sheaves on other types of nerves of a bicategory given by Lack and Paoli, Simpson and Tamsamani by means of bisimplicial spaces, and we examine their properties.





Matematika II, za studente PTF-a Osijek

Linearna algebra II

Kominatorna i diskretna matematika


Konzultacije (Office Hours): Srijeda (Wed) 13:00-14.00. Konzultacije su moguće i po dogovoru.




I am a working category theorist. My research interests are on the crossroads of logic, topology and theoretical computer science.