International cooperation

Researchers of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics have established numerous contacts with universities and other scientific institutions abroad. Cooperation is manifested through the exchange, scientific projects, visiting teacher programs, scientific training, etc.

In the last two decades, a significant number of researchers have been granted scholarships or scientific projects for scientific research, scientific training abroad, or achieving their PhDs. In addition, prominent academics were given the opportunity to visit the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics in Osijek. While staying at the School, these guests held numerous lectures at the Mathematical Colloquium, Application and optimization seminar, or the PhD and graduate study programs.

List of cities:

Ankara, Turkey
Arlington, USA
Beijing, China
Belgrade, Serbia
Berlin, Germany
Bethlehem, USA
Blacksburg, USA
Boston, USA
Bratislava, Slovakia
Budapest, Hungary
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Cardiff, UK
Chennai, India
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dundee, UK

East Lansing, USA
Garden City, USA
Granada, Spain
Guwahati, India
Gwangju City, South Korea
Hagen, Netherlands
Jena, Germany
Jodhpur, India
Kyev, Ukraine
Laussane, Switzerland
Lebanon, USA
Leganés, Spain
Leioa, Spain
Los Ageles, USA
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Magdeburg, Germany
Montreal, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Munich, Germany
New Haven, USA
Niš, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Oxford, UK
Pasadena, USA
Pau, France
Salt Lake City, USA
San Jose, Costa Rica
Sargodha, Pakistan
Seville, Spain

Shangai, China
Skopje, Macedonia
Split, Croatia
Statesboro, USA
Stony Brook, USA
Stuttgart, Germany
Suzhou, China
Szeged, Hungary
Târgu-Mureş, Romania
Tokyo, Japan
Trento, Italy
Victoria, Canada
West Lafayette, USA
Wien, Austria
Zagreb, Croatia