Undergraduate program in Mathematics

The university undergraduate program in Mathematics at the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is a modern study program based on the latest knowledge and contemporary study programs of renowned European universities. This program will introduce you to the fascinating world of mathematics while allowing you to acquire highly important skills, an analytical approach to problem-solving, and the ability to apply mathematical concepts across various disciplines. Additionally, through interactive teaching methods and collaboration with top experts, you will have the chance to develop critical thinking and independence. The stimulating environment in which our students thrive will strategically guide you toward academic excellence and prepare you for a successful continuation of studies in a graduate program of your choice.

Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency.

René Descartes

Program administrator: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek / School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Academic title obtained upon program completion: University Bachelor of Mathematics (univ. bacc. math.)

Study duration: Three years (six semesters), requiring the candidate to collect a minimum of 180 ECTS credits

Study status: Full-time

Systematically learn mathematical theory, develop practical application skills based on acquired knowledge, solve problems from various fields using mathematical models and computers, build analytical thinking, acquire organizational abilities, data analysis, and presentation and communication skills.

A university graduate in Mathematics is qualified for positions in the economy, public administration, and the public sector that require fundamental knowledge in mathematics and computer science. They are also prepared for further studies at the graduate level in various fields such as financial mathematics, statistics, computer science, teaching studies, or any other related discipline.

Completion of the program: Pass all exams and complete a thesis, which involves studying existing literature on the assigned topic and presenting the work.

Admission requirements:

All applicants should make the application through the National Informational System of Applications at Universities (NISpVU) at the following link: www.postani-student.hr.

To enroll in the undergraduate program in Mathematics and Computer Science, all applicants have to finish a four-year high school and pass the national exam in the following courses:

  • Mathematics, level A,
  • Croatian language, level A or B,
  • Foreign language, level A or B.