Graduate program – Financial Mathematics and Statistics

The Financial Mathematics and Statistics graduate program is intended for students with an undergraduate mathematical or related background. The program combines advanced mathematical theories and practical skills, making it unique in Croatia.

This program will familiarize students with critical aspects of financial decision-making using mathematical models for the development of investment strategies, managing market and credit risks, as well as risks in insurance.

The program focuses on understanding and applying contemporary statistical methods and models and advanced data learning methods. The application involves using the latest computer tools and software platforms.

The quality and expertise of our students are attested by numerous employers, mainly banks, insurance companies, pension funds, auditing firms, and other institutions whose operations are based on data analysis and mathematical modeling. Modeling random phenomena and using statistical methods are necessary in all fields where data is collected, so the employment opportunities for graduates of this program extend far beyond the financial sector.

Data isn’t the outcome, it’s the beginning. We have information, but we need to know what to do with it.

Daniel Levitin (neuroscientist, musician, and producer)

Study Program Title: University Graduate Study in Mathematics, Module: Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Program Administrator: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek / School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Academic Title Obtained Upon Completion of the Program: University Master of Mathematics (univ. mag. math.)

Study Duration: Two years (four semesters), with a minimum requirement of 120 ECTS credits

Study Status: Full-time

Completion of the Program: Pass all exams and complete a master’s thesis involving independent research and presentation of the assigned topic in written form.