Graduate program – Mathematics and Informatics Education

The University Graduate Teacher Education Program in Mathematics and Informatics is an innovative program aimed at modernizing and enhancing teaching methods and content. Developed to meet current needs in the job market and the education sector, this study program reflects dynamic trends in both the economy and education.

The program’s curriculum development is based on extensive research and exchange of experiences with academic experts from domestic and foreign universities, ensuring international competitiveness and program relevance.

A continuous dialogue with alumni members through the Alumni Club and the Faculty’s Mathematical Club ensures that the program is consistently refreshed and tailored to the evolving needs of graduates, whether related to further education or professional development. This graduate program serves as a starting point for those aiming to be innovators in teaching, adapting to the challenges of the modern era, and shaping the future of education in mathematics and informatics.

Title of Study: University Graduate Study Mathematics and Computer Science; Specialty: Teaching

Program Administrator: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek / School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Academic Title Obtained Upon Completion of the Program: University Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science Education (univ. mag. educ. math. et inf.)

Study Duration: Two years (four semesters), during which the candidate will accumulate a minimum of 120 ECTS credits

Study Status: Full-time

Attain the title of University Master’s in Mathematics and Computer Science Education and become a leading force in shaping the education of tomorrow. Our program is designed to equip you and inspire you to lead and innovate in classrooms nationwide. With this degree, you will be experts in organizing the educational process, capable of clearly and efficiently conveying complex mathematical and computer science concepts. Your teaching will be more than just lessons; it will be a bridge connecting students to the language of numbers and technology, opening doors for their understanding of the world around them.

Masters of Mathematics and Computer Science Education, in addition to working in primary and secondary schools, are also prepared for further advancement in the academic world, equipped with the foundations necessary to contribute to scientific research projects. Their education reflects a deep commitment to developing innovative pedagogical approaches, emphasizing critical thinking and integrative learning that follows contemporary trends and technological advancements. Through this program, education masters acquire not only pedagogical skills but also inspiration for lifelong learning and growth, aiming to shape future generations and lay the groundwork for advanced education.

Completion method of the program: passing all exams and preparing a master’s thesis where it’s necessary to research and present the assigned topic in written form.