IT support

All students have been provided with user accounts on the server and AAI@EduHr user identity upon enrollment. Below are brief details about these accounts.

User account on server (e-mail)

You can use the email through any email client or via the web interface at If you’re using an email client, the settings are:

Incoming server: (IMAP, port 143, STARTTLS)
Outgoing server: (SMTP, port 587, STARTTLS, enable authentication)

You can change the password via the webmail interface at (SettingsPassword). At the same address, email forwarding can also be set up.

AAI@EduHr identity

AAI@EduHr is the authentication and authorization infrastructure of the system for science and higher education in the Republic of Croatia. Your AAI@EduHr user identifier is in the form (this is not an email address).

You can use this user account for:

  • Accessing services that rely on Office 365 infrastructure (e.g., Teams)
  • Logging into the eduroam wireless network of the Faculty and other academic institutions in Croatia and Europe (more at,
  • Logging into the Faculty’s website
  • Accessing the e-Citizens service (more at, etc.

You can see other services for which you can use the AAI@EduHr identity at

You can change your password and other details at (access allowed only from the CARNET network).

Eduroam wifi network

To configure devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet), follow the instructions on the eduroam installer page.