The Library of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics began its operations as the Library of the Department of Mathematics immediately after the establishment of the Department of Mathematics on October 1, 1999. The initial collection of the library was formed from books and journals of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and through donations (Faculty of Science – Mathematical Department, University of Zagreb, Ms. Zlata Preka, Mr. Zlatko Tadić, Prof. Dr. Krešimir Veselić). Shortly after the establishment of the Department of Mathematics, an intensive acquisition of books and journals from significant global publishers (Springer-Verlag, Cambridge University Press, American Mathematical Society, SIAM, Mathematical Association of America, London Mathematical Society, McGraw Hill, etc.) began.

Since its establishment, the library has changed locations several times and is now located on the ground floor of the building at Gaj Square No. 6. Next to the library, there is a reading room equipped with three computers for accessing the online catalog of the library, bibliographic and full-text journal databases, as well as for accessing mathematical associations. The library and reading room cover an area of 150 square meters. A dedicated library database for books and periodicals has been created, accessible via the Internet. The library regularly receives 270 titles of periodicals, with the majority of them arriving as exchanges for our journal Mathematical Communications.

After the establishment of the Department of Physics and the Department of Biology (April 2005), the library began processing the library materials transferred from the Faculty of Philosophy.
Today, the library provides library services for the mentioned Departments.

Borrowing library materials

Students can borrow books under the following conditions:

  • When enrolling, it is necessary to present a student ID,
  • free membership,
  • a student can borrow a maximum of 3 books, and each book must be returned within 15 days.

Journals cannot be taken out of the library. The same provision applies to all reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, etc.). It is possible to copy journal articles in the library.

Magazines cannot be taken outside the reading room. The same rule applies to reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, etc.).

Online databases

MathSciNet is an extensive database that contains the world’s mathematical literature published since 1940. It provides Web access to bibliographic data of mathematical literature. Data is supplemented and improved by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The AMS is one of the world’s most famous mathematical associations and among the major publishers of mathematical literature.

Zentralblatt Math is the world’s most complete and longest-running abstracting and reviewing service. It contains more than 2.8 million entries drawn from more than 3,500 journals.


Centre for online databases

Online database search – Lesson 1

Electronic journals

Access to electronic journals is provided via computers within the mathos domain (verification is done using an IP address).

Electronic books

A collection of Springer’s e-books Mathematics and Statistics (2014-2016) is available through the Department’s IP addresses. The following links list available books

Springer e-books 2014
Springer e-books 2015
Springer e-books 2016

The books are available via the link: Copy/enter the title you want from the given lists and the year of publication in the offered search engine. The School pays for access that will be permanently open to our staff.

User education (in Croatian)

Online pretraživanje baza podataka – lekcija 1

Lekcija 1a: Kako pretraživati baze podataka? 

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