Osijek Competitive Programming Camp – OCPC

This winter, on 18 – 26.02.2023 we are hosting a competitive programming training camp to prepare students for ICPC and similar programming competitions.

The camp will consist of 7 ICPC-style contests, i.e. 5 hours and 9-12 problems each, and 2 days off. The contests are intended for 3-person teams of ICPC-eligible students representing universities, using 1 computer per team. However, teams of up to 3 people that
do not meet the criterias are allowed as well.

Contests are expected to be comparable with or harder than ICPC regionals in difficulty.

The camp is organised by a team of former and current ICPC participants, and is hosted by the Department of Mathematics at J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek. There are ICPC finalists, as well as EJOI and IMO gold medalists among our contest authors.

Please also refer to https://ocpc.mathos.unios.hr for more information.

Contest authors

  • Yuhao Du — IOI 2015 gold medalist, Atcoder World Tour Final 2019 champion. Writer of Yuhao Du Contest 5, 7 and most problems in recent ICPC Asia EC Finals.
  • Dilhan Salgado — ICPC 2022 world finalist. Codeforces LGM in Python.
  • Anton Trygub — IMO 2017 gold medalist, NAC 22 winner, contest coordinator, Codeforces LGM.
  • Aeren — ICPC 2023 world finalist.
  • Jatin Garg — Codeforces grandmaster, ICPC 2021 and 2022 world finalist.
  • Adam Gasienica-Samek — Codeforces grandmaster, EJOI 2021 gold medalist.
  • Kent Huang — ICPC 2021 world finalist.
  • Oleksandr Kulkov — one of cp-algorithms.com maintainers, author of nearly 50 competitive programming problems.


Jane Street

We are sponsored by Jane Streetthink-cell and Pinely. If you are interested in sponsoring us, or have any other  questions, please feel free to contact us at ocpc@mathos.hr.