Information about the School

Development strategy, mission and vision


The Development Strategy of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics 2023-2027.


The mission of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is to provide open education through the teaching of mathematics, computer science, and statistics, conduct internationally relevant scientific research, and disseminate research results and technological innovations to promote economic and social progress in the eastern part of the Republic of Croatia.

The implementation of the mission and the corresponding quality policy is based on the principle of promoting excellence with the following premises:

  1. Ensuring a high level of mathematical and IT competencies, competitiveness, and social skills of graduates, guaranteeing them high employability, with employers and society recognizing them as drivers of economic development.
  2. Promotion of mathematics and computer science among students and the wider community.
  3. Ensuring conditions for the internationalization of study programs.
  4. Ensuring conditions for relevant scientific research recognized in the international research space, based on international collaboration, research published in high-impact journals, education of doctoral candidates, and the preparation of doctoral dissertations in collaboration with internationally recognized scientists and institutions.
  5. Ensuring a high level of socially responsible behavior.
  6. Ensuring openness, transparency, and ethics.

Implementing the mission involves collaboration at all levels within the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and with external stakeholders. The Faculty Council, the Dean, and Vice Deans are responsible for mission implementation. At the executive level, this responsibility extends to department and institute heads, heads of administrative and technical services, as well as the Commission for the Improvement and Assurance of the Quality of Higher Education. On an advisory level, the Faculty has standing committees, student representatives, alumni representatives, and representatives from the business sector.


The vision of the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is to become a leading hub for collaboration and partnership at the international, national, and local levels in the Central European region. Our ambition is to shape graduates of the School who will be highly regarded experts, equipped with excellent education and the competencies necessary to effectively address challenges in their fields of activity. Additionally, we want our School to be recognized as an institution with social responsibility, contributing to the community through outstanding scientific, educational, and professional activities.