Osijek Competitive Programming Camp, Winter 2024

From February 17th to 25th, 2024, our School hosted the OCPC, the competitive programming training camp aimed at preparing students for ICPC and similar programming competitions.

The camp consisted of 7 ICPC-style contests, i.e., 5 hours and 9-12 problems each, and two days off. These contests were specifically designed for 3-person teams of ICPC-eligible university students, with each team using one computer. However, teams of up to 3 people who did not meet the criteria were also allowed.

Contests were made with expectations to be comparable with or harder than ICPC regionals in difficulty. After the contest, participants had the opportunity to listen to the contest analysis and discussion led by the author or one of our coaches.

The camp was organised by a team of former and current ICPC participants and was hosted by the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Osijek. Please also refer to https://ocpc.mathos.unios.hr for more information.

Contest authors

There are ICPC finalists, as well as IMO gold medalists, among our contest authors:

  • Anton Trygub – IMO 2017 gold medalist, NAC 22 winner, Codeforces LGM, author of 1188B – Count Pairs
  • Kevin Pucci – Codeforces International Grandmaster, SWERC 2023 silver medalist, IOI silver medalist
  • Paulo Sousa – SWERC 2023 silver medalist
  • Valerio Stancanelli – Codeforces International Grandmaster, SWERC 2023 silver medalist, Codeforces coordinator
  • Evgeni Vihrov – ICPC 2012 and 2014 world finalist, Google Hashcode 2017 finalist, coauthor of 7 Codeforces contests
  • Batyr Sardarbekov – IOI gold medalist, problemsetter for IZhO and data structure enjoyer
  • Mateusz Radecki – IMO 2016 gold medalist, Distributed Code Jam 2018 winner, ICPC 2019 World Finals, Codeforces legendary grandmaster
  • Borys Minaiev – ICPC 2015 World Champion, Google HashCode 2019 and 2020 winner, CodeChef SnackDown 2016 and 2019 winner.
  • Arul Kolla – MIT student, author of over 50 competitive programming problems.
  • Jeroen Op de Beek – Codeforces International Grandmaster, Computational geometry enjoyer. NWERC 2023 silver medalist.
  • Kent Huang – ICPC 2021 World finalist
  • Oleksandr Kulkov – Codeforces Grandmaster, maintainer of cp-algorithms.com, Osijek camp organizer, author of over 60 competitive programming problems.
  • Tähvend Uustalu – ICPC 2019 world finalist, Google Hash Code 2020 finalist

… and others.


Jane Street

We are sponsored by Jane Street and Pinely. If you are interested in sponsoring us, or have any other  questions, please feel free to contact us at ocpc@mathos.hr.