Project GAMMA

During the evaluation of the final report, the Erasmus+ project GAMMA (GAMe based learning in MAthematics) has been labelled as a “Good Practice” project. “Good Practice” is a label awarded by the Erasmus+ National Agency to projects that have been particularly well managed and can be a source of inspiration for others. The assessment takes into account the relevance of the project results and objectives, the quality of the project management and the impact and dissemination of the project results. The project’s overall budget was 284,991.30 EUR.

GAMMA was a three-year Erasmus+ project in the line Strategic Partnerships for School Education that finished on September 30, 2023. The GAMMA strategic partnership brought together four universities, four public schools and one teacher training agency from four European countries (Croatia, Greece, the Netherlands and Finland) to create educational materials for mathematics teachers founded on game-based learning using digital technology. The School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Osijek was the coordinator of the project.

The GAMMA project card on the Erasmus+ Project Results platform is available here:

Details of the project and the project results can be found on the GAMMA project website: